Does THC Percent Matter?

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At The Sweet Leaf, one of the most common things our budtenders hear is, “What’s the highest THC you’ve got?!” We’ve come to realize that we’ve all been sold a lie! The higher the THC content of a strain does not equal getting higher. 

Let us explain.

We all have that one friend who swears they can’t smoke weed because no matter if it’s indica or sativa, they get anxious or paranoid, right? We’ll there’s a scientific reason for that.

There are two compounds in cannabis that can affect a person beyond the THC content – terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes are the essential oils on the cannabis flower. They give the flower the scent and flavor profile to the plant. When you smell the ever-popular Cereal Milk strain, you’d likely smell fruity and sweet smells. Compared to the Detroit popular, Motorbreath, which is gassy AF. That’s because of the terpenes.

Then, you throw in the cannabinoids like THC and CBD among countless others, you have a recipe that is far too complex for one to solely look at the THC content as a guide for “the best”. It’s like saying who’s mom has the best mac & cheese based on what brand of cheese she used. We all know that the best mac & cheese has so much complexity to it beyond cheese brand – it’s the spices, the many variety of cheeses, and if she bakes that mac & cheese.

I digress… So, when shopping for quality cannabis flower, it’s best to pick a strain based on the flavor profile and your price point. And if you don’t know what is the best, ask your local budtender.

Here at The Sweet Leaf, our master budtenders have been educated on every strain we carry in-house and are here to help with all of your cannabis questions.



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